Art Week in Dubai aka When I Met the Prince of Dubai

I was lucky enough to visit some of the art exhibitions going on in Dubai from March 14th to 24th. Oman doesn’t have much of a modern art scene, so this exhibit felt like a bit of fresh air compared to most of the traditional works I have seen.

This is from the SIKKA exhibition.


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Time to Climb: Hadash

This past weekend, I went on a wee climbing trip to Hadash. This is one of the few spots where we can keep climbing as the weather gets hot. It’s at a bit higher altitude, so one might dare to say that the weather here is “cool” and “comfortable”. At least for another few weeks. Then it’s all downhill…

The village of Hadash

The village of Hadash

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Food Watch: Lunch Time

This is a quick pic of lunch a few days ago-


From the top going clockwise:

Raw onions with vinegar

Eggplant stewed with tomatoes & spices

Fresh yogurt from the cows on our little farm

On the big plate: Warm chapati (indian flatbread), tangy mango pickles, fresh fruit salad with lettuce, cucumber, orange, grape & pomegranate, and some mango chutney.

Wadi Dayqah Dam

Outside of the city there remains some incredibly colored water in the Wadis. Wadi is the arabic term for a valley, usually with a dried riverbed. Many of the Wadis have crystal clear pools of water that slowly dry up as the weather becomes scorchingly hot.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine took me out to Wadi Dayqah Dam. Of course, we burned some frankincense in the car before we left.


Burning frankincense in the car

This dam is the largest in Oman. It’s really something impressive due to the sudden transition from dry mountains and sand, to brilliant blue.

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Muttrah Souq

Muttrah Souq is an old and famous site in Muscat. It lays along the edge of one of the world’s largest natural harbors, Muscat Harbor.’Souq’ stands for open air marketplace. Shops line the alleys and streets in these Muslim bazaars.

Once the perfect port of call for trade with neighboring India and China, Muttrah now remains a busy tourist destination. And the whole place smells of frankincense burning over hot coals.


This man is surrounded by frankincense from the southern city of Salalah

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